Peace Science Digest

Volume 4, Issue 3

In this issue, we examine a set of articles with a great deal of regional diversity—two articles focus on peacebuilding or peacekeeping in Africa, one looks at resistance to exclusionary nationalism in Bosnia (Europe), another explores “uncivil society” in Bougainville and Timor-Leste (Asia-Pacific), and, finally, one considers military checkpoints in Iraq (Middle East).  These articles heighten our awareness of the complexities and challenges involved in peacebuilding after war. All the more reason to avoid war in the first place. 

  1. Traditional Governance and the Maintenance of Peace in Sub-Saharan Africa 
  2. “Uncivil” Society Organizations in Bougainville and Timor-Leste: Subverting Transitional Justice in Post-Conflict Settings 
  3. The Unintended Consequences of UN Peacekeeping’s Use of Security Contractors 
  4. Resisting Exclusionary Nationalism During the Bosnia War 
  5. How Feelings Make Military Checkpoints Even More Dangerous for Civilians in Iraq