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We support peacebuilding to resolve global conflicts and create a world without war.

Learn how we can redefine security without militarism.

Many take for granted that political conflicts are only solved by militarized force. A safer world is possible when we consider alternatives.

Explore non-violent conflict management.

See proof of how peaceful conflict resolution can successfully help us create new global standards for solving disputes.

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Peace and Security Funders Group
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

We partner and collaborate with open-minded, creative, and passionate organizations and individuals that are interested in transforming and challenging the status quo, even if that means from operating within the system.

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Understand the science of peacebuilding.

See research and analysis that joins peace and conflict studies with practical action, and envision a world without war.

The Latest

  • Navigating the War on Gaza
    The surge in violence in Israel and Palestine has deeply unsettled and horrified us. In moments of acute crisis, it is difficult to meaningfully respond in a way that rejects a militarized approach and affirms the dignity and humanity of those most affected by violence.