Remembering Raymond Guy Jubitz, III

Our friend and colleague Raymond Guy Jubitz, III. passed away Tuesday, May 17, 2022 from complications of leukemia. Ray was the founding director of the Jubitz Family Foundation. Ray was instrumental in the founding of the War Prevention Initiative and is the “father” of the Parkdale Peace Gatherings, where scholars, practitioners and leaders of peace organizations from all over the Northwest and later from the country came together at Parkdale, Mt. Hood, Oregon. These gatherings sparked discussions of complex issues about how peace can be accomplished, how militarism affects societies, and how wars might ultimately be prevented.

A true man of peace and committed to nonviolence, Ray always lived up to “A Promise to Our Children”, seeking to be “the power that is peace.” Ray had been active in the peace movement of the 1970s and the Beyond War movement beginning in the 1980s. He remained an important voice for the Foundation well after retirement, including as a Senior Advisor to the War Prevention Initiative.

Over the last years when the global pandemic kept everyone working from home, Ray met with the WPI team on an almost daily basis during our morning check-ins to stay in the loop and add his perspectives on everything related to our peace work and beyond. We will not only miss his inspiring commitment to create a more peaceful world, but also how he tried to overcome the challenges of online video meetings, how he enjoyed his healthy breakfast in our presence, how his wonderful wife Nansie came into the frame to chat with us, how he took tedious notes on movie and book recommendations, how he abruptly left our meeting because he forgot his exercise class, and how he simply was part of the team we wanted to check in with every morning.

His spirit will live on in our work.

Patrick, Kelsey, Kristin, Erica, Lauren, Molly

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If you wish to donate to Ray’s most important cause, the ongoing work for peace and justice, his wife Nansie asks that you donate to the War Prevention Initiative.