A New Look for the War Prevention Initiative

To our community:

After more than a decade of working toward our vision, it become clear to us that our organic organizational growth and strategic planning took place without considering our visual identity. To address this, we took steps to reimagine our outward face by creating a new website and logo.

As you can see now, our content is organized around our two key areas of focus: Demilitarizing Security and Managing Conflict Without Violence. Moreover, we fully integrated one of our core outputs, the Peace Science Digest, into the overall WPI website. We hope this adds clarity to our focus and invites our visitors to be partners and collaborators as we are working toward peace with justice.  

As we continue, we also want to ensure that our ongoing journey of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) becomes integral not only to our visual identity but to all aspects of our work.

Domestically and globally, we are living in uncertain times. Being advocates for peace with justice and contributing knowledge and tools to the community of those who are concerned about peace and security issues is more important than ever.

In solidarity,

The WPI Team