Navigating the War on Gaza

The surge in violence in Israel and Palestine has deeply unsettled and horrified us. In moments of acute crisis, it is difficult to meaningfully respond in a way that rejects a militarized approach and affirms the dignity and humanity of those most affected by violence.

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Selected Essays Announced in Feminist Foreign Policy Essay “Un-Contest”

The War Prevention Initiative is pleased to announce 11 essays on feminist foreign policy selected for publication.

Children as Agents of Militarization in the Donbas Region of Ukraine 

Children participate in militarization processes through everyday practices at their schools that commemorate military history and sacrifice and celebrate Donbas regional identity, thereby helping to legitimate these proto-republics and their military activities. 

How Counterterrorism Practitioners Discount the Lived Experience of Racial Violence 

Academic-practitioner exchanges focused on counterterrorism policy show how whiteness is employed by practitioners to restrict certain types of knowledge about Islamophobia and systemic racism.

Costs and Considerations for Meaningful Ceasefires

Ceasefires represent strategic deliberations for conflicting parties— when honored, ceasefires reduce violence immediately and create opportunities for meaningful conflict de-escalation and resolution. 

Perspectives on Feminist Foreign Policy: Revealing New Narratives, Challenging The Status Quo

Read our summary report of our feminist foreign policy essay “un-contest” where we published 11 essays from emerging thought leaders around the world.

A Tribute to Johan Galtung 

We are saddened by the news of Johan Galtung’s passing. As “a founding father of peace studies,” Galtung has made unparalleled contributions to peace and conflict research and has left an unforgettable mark on generations of scholars and practitioners.

Forgiveness as Acts of Everyday Co-existence  

In the context of focus groups with ethnic Croats and Serbs in Croatia, formal apologies and forgiveness might not be necessary to build peaceful, intergroup relationships between ethnic Serbs and Croats, but the “exchange of mutual social gestures showing readiness for contact and moving on with everyday living” are meaningful.

War Diminishes Global Economic Growth

War is expensive and destructive, affecting long-term economic growth through population changes, fewer investments, and worsening educational outcomes. 

Navigating the War on Gaza: Long Summary

Navigating the War on Gaza: Long Summary

Navigating the War on Gaza – Executive Summary

Navigating the War on Gaza: Executive Summary

War Prevention Initiative Calls for Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza

PORTLAND, OR – The current escalation of violence in Israel and Palestine has deeply unsettled and appalled us. In times of acute crisis, meaningfully responding in a manner that rejects a militarized approach while affirming the dignity and humanity of those most affected by violence poses a significant challenge. Although our primary focus lies outside … Read more

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