Managing Conflict Without Violence

Managing Conflict Without Violence

Peaceful Conflict Resolution is Possible

World leaders and large swaths of the public often assume that major political conflicts are settled by military force. They believe that war is inevitable. The truth is, there are many alternatives. Through learning, listening, and putting those alternatives into practice, we can change assumptions and create a more peaceful world.

  • War Prevention Initiative Condemns Political Violence
    For immediate release July 14, 2024 PORTLAND, OR – The War Prevention Initiative strongly condemns political violence. The assassination attempt that killed one spectator and caused critical injuries to others at a Trump rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, is unacceptable. Violence does not solve political disputes or contribute to a stronger democracy. Only by showing compassion … Read more
  • Essay ‘Un-Contest’ on Peaceful Elections
    The War Prevention Initiative (WPI) is seeking submissions for an essay “un-contest” on peaceful elections.
  • Navigating the War on Gaza
    The surge in violence in Israel and Palestine has deeply unsettled and horrified us. In moments of acute crisis, it is difficult to meaningfully respond in a way that rejects a militarized approach and affirms the dignity and humanity of those most affected by violence.
  • Peace Briefing: Do No Harm in Peacebuilding
    Do No Harm dictates that peace actors have “a minimum obligation [that] any action or intervention in and on conflict” should seek to “avoid or mitigate negative impacts.”
  • Peace Briefing: Conflict Dynamics & Conflict Resolution
    This briefing sheet outlines conflict dynamics and conflict resolution as described by Ramsbotham, Miall, and Woodhouse (2011) in their book Contemporary conflict resolution: the prevention, management and transformation of deadly conflicts. “A schematic lifecycle of conflict sees a progression from peaceful social change, to conflict formation, to violent conflict, and then to conflict transformation and … Read more
  • War Prevention Initiative: “Nonviolent alternatives must be pursued in Ukraine to deescalate war.”
    February 25, 2022; Contact: Kelsey Coolidge; War Prevention Initiative: “Nonviolent alternatives must be pursued in Ukraine to deescalate war.” PORTLAND, OR The War Prevention Initiative is deeply distraught and condemns the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. This situation is complex, evolving, and much is still unknown. We echo the sentiment of our friends and … Read more

How We Solve Conflict Without Violence

Learn about peacebuilding alternatives to war and other political conflict.