Demilitarizing Security

Demilitarizing Security

Militarization Isn’t Mandatory

Many believe security is only upheld by the threat of violence. We’re here to prove that belief wrong. Through our analysis and centering the voices of those affected by conflict, we identify opportunities to create a safer world without relying on the military industrial complex.

  • Navigating the War on Gaza
    The surge in violence in Israel and Palestine has deeply unsettled and horrified us. In moments of acute crisis, it is difficult to meaningfully respond in a way that rejects a militarized approach and affirms the dignity and humanity of those most affected by violence.
  • War Prevention Initiative: Recent police killings in the United States show that authentic security emerges from peacebuilding, not militarization.
    We are outraged by recent police killings in the United States, through continued prevalence of militarized security and the disproportionate harm it inflicts on BIPOC.
  • Peace Briefing: Nuclear Weapons
    No amount of nuclear weaponry can provide security. Eliminating weapons of mass destruction is not an impossible task, but a necessary one. Until we actively work towards this goal, nuclear weapons-holding nations continue the tradition of sacrificing human and planetary well-being for the power of destruction.
  • Peace Briefing: Feminist Foreign Policy
    Around the globe, governments are beginning to recognize and implement to varying extents a Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP). This political framework is “centred around the wellbeing of marginalised people and invokes processes of self-reflection regarding foreign policy’s hierarchical global systems” (Feminist Foreign Policy, n.d.). Broadly, FFP is an approach to international relations that challenges gender-blind … Read more
  • Diplomacy and De-escalation is the Real Solution to Solve the Ukrainian Crisis
    February 20, 2022; Contact: Patrick Hiller;  War Prevention Initiative: “Diplomacy and De-escalation is the Real Solution to Solve the Ukrainian Crisis” PORTLAND, OR The Russian military buildup and maneuvers around Ukraine and the simultaneous U.S. and NATO militarized responses by sending troops and military hardware to the region are worrisome. The possibility of war … Read more
  • 120 Organizations Worldwide Call for a Moment of Silence at the Olympics
    We are proud to join with 120 organizations across the world and call on @iocmedia to remember the inhumane use of nuclear weapons against the people of Hiroshima on it’s 76th anniversary this August 6th. A moment of #OlympicSilence is the least we can do.  See the press release:  
  • Repeal of 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) in Iraq. More can be done to end forever wars and achieve authentic security
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Monday, June 21, 2021 Contact: Kelsey Coolidge;    War Prevention Initiative: “Repeal of 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) in Iraq. More can be done to end forever wars and achieve authentic security.” PORTLAND, OR – The U.S. House of Representatives voted in a bipartisan fashion to repeal … Read more
  • War Prevention Initiative Statement on the May 2021 Violence in Palestine and Israel
    May 27, 2021 PORTLAND, OR – The renewed violent escalation in the conflict between Israel and Palestine painfully reminds us to challenge militarism as the underlying driving force for repeated and ongoing political violence. Viewing this conflict from a position of feminist curiosity, the War Prevention Initiative (WPI) refuses to take for granted the current social and … Read more

War is not inevitable.

Learn how we can build a safer world through nonviolence.