Engaging Rotarians Special Lecture


“Civil Society Organizations should develop and put into practice strategies that embrace the cultural and systemic root causes and learn new ways to influence the political and social systems.” (Michael Narberhaus, Founder Smart CSOs)

The role is civil society organizations (CSOs) in the realm of peacebuilding is clear to academics and practitioners alike.

Rotary International is one of the largest CSOs guided by the principles of advancing international understanding, goodwill, and peace. Yet, for the purposes of preventing large-scale violence and war, the unique network of Rotary International is still underutilized. Dr. Joseph Bock from the University of Notre Dame will address Rotary International’s civil society infrastructure, which he considers the organization’s ‘crown jewel’ for preventing war and promoting peace. Dr. Bock will examine how individual Rotarians can tap into their unique network and contribute to war prevention and peacebuilding. This new perspective opens opportunities for Rotarians to become involved in peacebuilding in ways unprecedented in the organization’s history.

Such opportunities are particularly important in the context of the globalization of conflict and related concerns. This special event is not relevant not only for Rotarians worldwide, but also for scholars, national and international Non-Governmental Organization representatives, conflict transformation and peacebuilding practitioners, public policy and social change experts, human rights activists, social media innovators, and engaged global citizens.