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The Role of Community Gender Norms and Relations in Both Mobilizing and Preventing Violence in Jos, Nigeria

Different norms of masculinity, and the broader community’s cultivation of these, as well as women’s roles in encouraging or mitigating violence, significantly influence whether a community will mobilize for violence or resist participation in violence amidst communal conflict.

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Beyond Victims or Peacebuilders: Women’s Participation in Security in Mathare, Kenya

When women’s contributions are overlooked due to an overwhelming focus on men’s security activities, “gendered political participation, social relations and socio-economic inequalities” are also overlooked as key components of security.

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A Trauma-Informed Healing Approach to Urban Gun Violence

A public health-informed approach acknowledging racial trauma and emphasizing individual healing is a promising way to address urban gun violence.

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Colombia in Focus: Informing Practice

Contrary to mainstream thinking, armed actors are sensitive to more than just the threat or use of violence against them. When contemplating ways to protect civilians in the context of armed conflict, both local communities and external organizations can leverage multiple nonviolent forms of influence in their interactions with armed actors.

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Colombia in Focus: The ICRC’s Support for Communities’ Self-Protection Efforts in Colombia

Communities and the ICRC have complementary protection capacities, with each “open[ing] up opportunities for dialogue with armed groups” in different ways.

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Colombia in Focus: Explaining Armed Actors’ Compliance with Civilian Demands in Colombian Peace Territories

Armed actors depend on the cooperation of civilians in order to reach their objectives and therefore cannot achieve everything they wish to through violence alone.

Peace Briefing: Conflict Dynamics & Conflict Resolution

This briefing sheet outlines conflict dynamics and conflict resolution as described by Ramsbotham, Miall, and Woodhouse (2011) in their book Contemporary conflict resolution: the prevention, management and transformation of deadly conflicts. “A schematic lifecycle of conflict sees a progression from peaceful social change, to conflict formation, to violent conflict, and then to conflict transformation and … Read more

Ensayo ‘Un-contest’ sobre una política exterior feminista

[Ya no estamos aceptando envíos. Gracias por todos los que han contribuido.] War Prevention Initiative (WPI, por sus siglas en inglés) está buscando presentaciones para un ensayo “un-contest” sobre una política exterior feminista. En War Prevention Initiative, centramos nuestro análisis en el desafío al militarismo y la suposición de que el uso de la violencia, … Read more

Peace Briefing: Feminist Foreign Policy

Around the globe, governments are beginning to recognize and implement to varying extents a Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP). This political framework is “centred around the wellbeing of marginalised people and invokes processes of self-reflection regarding foreign policy’s hierarchical global systems” (Feminist Foreign Policy, n.d.). Broadly, FFP is an approach to international relations that challenges gender-blind … Read more

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Special Issue: Nonviolent Approaches to Security

Click here to download the PDF version of the Special Issue Dear Readers, We are pleased to present our special issue on nonviolent approaches to security in collaboration with Nonviolent Peaceforce. This issue focuses on nonviolent, civilian-led strategies for protection and violence prevention in various violent contexts, ranging from civil … Read more

Special Issue Launch Event

Launch Event on Nonviolent Approaches to Security

We are happy to announce the September 29, 2022 launch event for the Special Issue collaboration of our Peace Science Digest together with Nonviolent Peaceforce What Do Safety & Security Mean to You?Nonviolent Approaches to Security: Perspectives from Communities Around the World * * * Sign up here: Sep 29, 2022 09:00 AM in Central … Read more

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