New Partnership between Wissenschaft und Frieden and the Peace Science Digest

War Prevention Initiative–Wissenschaft und Frieden (W&F) and the Peace Science Digest announce a new partnership for 2023.   

We are thrilled to partner with Wissenschaft und Frieden (W&F). In publication since 1983, W&F is the leading German, interdisciplinary science magazine for peace research. It publishes work on peace policy, military-strategic, and armament issues; investigates causes of violence, and identifies possibilities for civil conflict resolution. It also provides a forum for discussing scientific analyses in peace research. It produces a quarterly in-print magazine as well as issue-specific dossiers available online.     

W&F and the Digest share many of the same values and ethics. Most critical for this partnership is our shared mission of making the findings of peace science more understandable and accessible, especially to non-academic audiences. Working with W&F is an exciting opportunity for the Digest to further that mission by expanding our reach to a non-English speaking audience for the first time.   

Our partnership will begin with select analyses from the Digest appearing in regular issues of W&F. Over time, we hope to deepen our collaboration by incorporating issues of W&F in the Digest among other possibilities.