Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy Strategy Retreat


War Prevention Initiative Executive Director Patrick Hiller participated in a strategy retreat for the Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy Initiative. He acts as focal point for Jubitz Family Foundation President Al Jubitz who made a series of SMART pledges with the commitment to break down gender barriers and make gender equality a working reality in our sphere of influence.

The commitments are:

  • Achieve an average of 50% women’s participation in a specific number of the organization’s largest public events annually.
  • Collaborate with professional networks and organizations dedicated to the issue of increasing women’s participation to host a specific number of events per year.
  • Commit that every article, op-ed, and blog post produced by the organization that quotes experts and policymakers includes at least one woman’s quote.
  • Ensure every issue (or a set number of articles each year) of an organization’s magazine, blog, or journal includes at least one article with a feminist or gender lens.
  • Increase the number of grants awarded to women-led projects and organizations by 5% until the grant portfolio has gender parity.
  • Ask grantees for data related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, including gender, for their board, staff, and strategy. If possible, provide aggregate/averaged data about the overall portfolio on the foundation’s website.

At the retreat, the level of collaboration was enhanced within the network and efforts were made to help organizations meet and build on shared goals.