War Prevention Initiative discusses North Korea on radio news program

War Prevention Initiative Executive Director Patrick Hiller discussed the situation on the Korean Peninsula through a conflict resolution lens on the KBOO Radio Evening News.

You can listen to the full segment here:

Key recommendations were:

  • Talk without preconditions—we do not know where these talks are going, but we know that we need to support them and not undermine them- talking is not launching missiles
  • Adopt a constructive conflict resolution perspective
  • Seek small agreements and table larger issues (denuclearization the ultimate goal; easier to make advances in some of the humanitarian areas: reuniting divided families; returning the remains of US soldiers)
  • Halting of large-scale military exercises as they increase tensions and waste taxpayer dollars
  • Expand the playbook of actions beyond sanctions and missile shields
  • Opportunity for bold ideas (e.g. getting nuclear abolition back into the narrative – leadership opportunity)