Rotarian Action Group for Peace established

We are happy to announce that under the leadership of Al Jubitz and Erin Thomas from the War Prevention Initiative Core Team, the newly founded Rotarian Action Group for Peace launched its comprehensive web portal at http:www.//

The Rotarian Action Group for Peace is an action-driven group of Rotarians, Rotarians’ spouses and Rotaractors working together for the purpose of advancing peace and preventing wars throughout the world.

The Rotarian Action Group for Peace provides an official entity that empowers and supports the peace work of Rotarians by offering structure, guidance and resources to further their peace efforts. Rotary already has a strong commitment to peace, and our organization will forge a path for existing Rotary peace programs, such as the Rotary Peace Fellows, to become involved directly with Rotarians.

Currently the Rotarian Action Group for Peace is funded by the War Prevention Initiative by the Jubitz Family Foundation. Al Jubitz is the Founding Chair, Erin Thomas is the Program Manager.