Peace Briefing: Nuclear Weapons

No amount of nuclear weaponry can provide security. Eliminating weapons of mass destruction is not an impossible task, but a necessary one. Until we actively work towards this goal, nuclear weapons-holding nations continue the tradition of sacrificing human and planetary well-being for the power of destruction.

Peace Briefing: Do No Harm in Peacebuilding

Do No Harm dictates that peace actors have “a minimum obligation [that] any action or intervention in and on conflict” should seek to “avoid or mitigate negative impacts.”

Peace Briefing: Conflict Dynamics & Conflict Resolution

This briefing sheet outlines conflict dynamics and conflict resolution as described by Ramsbotham, Miall, and Woodhouse (2011) in their book Contemporary conflict resolution: the prevention, management and transformation of deadly conflicts. “A schematic lifecycle of conflict sees a progression from peaceful social change, to conflict formation, to violent conflict, and then to conflict transformation and … Read more