David Prater

Date:Feb 20, 2018

David Prater – Communication Project Manager: David worked for the Department of Defense as a civilian navigator and rescue swimmer following his graduation from the California Maritime Academy with a degree in Marine Transportation. Over the period of three years, his work took him to Asia, Europe, South America and most memorably, the Middle East. While experiencing many regional conflicts through the lens of an American DOD employee, David took interest in learning alternative approaches to address these issues, ones that may not involve the traditional tactics seen in today’s foreign policy and warfare.

David left the DOD to enroll in Portland State University’s Conflict Resolution master’s program, where he focuses his research on Middle East conflicts and exploring ways to better communicate the social and economic costs of war. David began his work with War Prevention Initiative as an intern, researching the social and economic costs of various conflicts in the Middle East. His intern project has since evolved into a project management position, working to develop a comprehensive communication strategy to promote nonviolent alternatives to conflict.