No peace through military strength. A response to Catherine Ashton’s “To Secure Peace, Be Ready for Battle”

“The War to End all Wars” never achieved what H.G. Wells implied with this term. On the contrary, World War I not only resulted in the death of more than 16 million humans, it also resulted in a victor’s peace directly setting the stage for World War 2 where an estimated 60 to 100 mil
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Give Peace Science a Chance – “Big Stick Ideology” on Iran becoming irrelevant in light of constructive conflict

“Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far” was a trademark description of Theodore Roosevelt’s foreign policy. To no surprise the current electoral season turns politicians into stick-carrying hunters – only now it does not seem necessary to speak softly. In political and e
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Syrian ‘red line’ an opportunity to set new tone of global leadership and collaboration

The red line was crossed; let’s fire a shot across the bow. It sounds so easy, so clean, so surgical. Splash! A harmless shot landing in the water to make the enemy compliant. Since the American public – and for that matter the entire world – is rightfully doubtful of yet another U.S.
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USS Ranger’s future

Bringing the aircraft carrier USS Ranger to Fairview as a museum and memorial, a proposal reported in The Oregonian’s July 5 article “Carrier on the Columbia,” is not a good idea. What is being memorialized? The Ranger’s extensive engagement in the Vietnam War
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“Duck and Cover” – not enough for the transition out of the nuclear weapons industry

In 1951 the US government’s Civil Defense Branch produced the film Duck and Cover. Bert the Turtle reached millions of school children and adults as part of a national campaign to prepare the population in case of a nuclear attack. Even at that time the usefulness of the proposed duck
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Our Moral Obligation to Look South: Mexican Civil Society ‘Fed Up’ with the War on Drugs

A new, citizen-driven nonviolent reality is emerging in the escalated war on drugs in Mexico. The international perception of present-day Mexico is one of disgust about the escalated violence, thousands of fatalities, mass graves and militarized approaches to fight the powerful drug c
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