The most important thing that we can do as Americans to prevent war and violence is to shift American foreign policy away from militaristic approaches toward inclusive approaches of peacebuilding in the world. Our country is the problem, not the solution. Before we go out and try to prevent armed conflict, we need to keep our own government from causing much conflict in the world.

Prof. David Cortright, Peace Scientist

Parkdale Peace Gatherings

The War Prevention Initiative emerged out of the first Parkdale Peace Gathering in May of 2011. Since then several Parkdale Peace Gatherings were held. At these retreats groups of selected scholars and practitioners from various backgrounds and institutions and organizations come together to discuss the complex issue of ending war within a generation.

The Need

Parkdale 1 was an exploratory meeting leading to the founding of the War Prevention Initiative. Parkdale 2 was held under the theme “Bridging gaps and next steps in war prevention”. The theme of Parkdale 3 was “A Global Campaign to End All War – Transcending the Peace Movement.” Parkdale 4 was “The Role of the Media in War Prevention”.

The following individuals where some of the special invitees who provided great additional perspectives to those of the regional peace and conflict resolution experts: Winslow Myers – author of “Living beyond war”; Kent Shifferd – author of “From war to peace”; Hardy Merriman –International Center on Nonviolent Conflict; Jack-Nelson Pallmeyer – St. Thomas University; author of “Authentic Hope”; Alice Slater – Nuclear Age Peace Foundation New York; David Krieger –Nuclear Age Peace Foundation; Leah Bolger – World Beyond War / Former President Veterans for Peace; David Cortright – University of Notre Dame; Conor Seyle – One Earth Future Foundation; Karen Jakob – Women’s Action for New Directions; Sandra de Castro Buffington – Global Media Center for Social Impact at UCLA; Philip Hellmich – Shift Network; Didier Jacobs – Oxfam.

More information

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