ICAN vigil in Melbourne; Credit: Tim Wright


Historian Kent Shifferd reminds us that at present we might believe that the world is more violent than it ever has been. Yes, there is an overwhelming war system, one that might provide us with a darkening and narrowing vision of the future. It’s an old story but it’s no longer the only story. Another is in the making although most educators, the media, and even presidents don’t know about it. Large shifts are taking place in terms of global collaboration, constructive conflict transformation and social change.

Information and Education Material

Global Peace System Short Documentary

We are happy to share our 2012 educational short documentary “The Evolution of a Global Peace System”. Based on historian Kent Shifferd’s “From War to Peace”, this movie describes 28 trends leading to the evolution of a Global Peace System.

Global Peace System Study Guide
Comprehensive overview of Global Peace System | Explanation of key terms and concepts | More than 100 examples | Engaging material | Flexible use for different groups
Global Peace System Multi-Dimensional Timeline
View our multi-dimensional educational timeline illustrating 28 trends of the Global Peace System with multiple real-world examples.

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We give talks and presentations about this topic at academic and non-academic conferences, Rotary Clubs, faith groups, environmental groups, and in other contexts.

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