What we do

Informing and educating about alternatives to war and violence

In doing so, we support development of effective strategies to convince Americans that the United States should not promote war, militarism or weapons proliferation, but rather embrace conflict resolution practices that have been shown to prevent, shorten, and eliminate war as viable alternatives to local, regional and global conflicts.


Research program built on the intersection of peace and conflict studies with an emphasis an practical application.

Peace research presented in an accessible, understandable and useful format.

At the Parkdale Peace Gatherings groups of selected scholars and practitioners from various backgrounds and institutions and organizations come together to discuss the complex issue of ending war within a generation.

28 evident global trends in the areas of social change, constructive conflict transformation and global collaboration.

Collaboration between the War Prevention Initiative and the Rotarian Action Group for Peace.

Occasionally the War Prevention Initiative co-hosts and co-sponsors events that fall within our mission.

Our Premise

We are at a stage in human history where we can say with confidence that there are better and more effective alternatives to war and violence.