Name Link Free Access? (Y/N)
Peace & Change  N
Journal of Peace Research  N
Peace Review  N
Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research N
Journal of Peace Education  N
Canadian Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies  Y
The Journal of Conflict Resolution  N
The Journal of Peace Psychology  N
Human Rights Quarterly  N
Defence and Peace Economics N
Global Change, Peace & Security N
Conflict Management and Peace Science N
Security Dialogue N
Conflict and Society Y
Journal of Conflict Management Y
International Peacekeeping N
Peacebuilding N
Negotiation and Conflict Management Research  N
Journal of Resistance Studies N
Peace and Conflict Studies Journal N
Journal of Global Peace and Conflict N
International Journal of Conflict management N
African Conflict and peacebuilding review N
Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding N
Conflict and Communication Online Y
Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy N
Cooperation and Conflict N
Conflict, Security and Development N
International Political Sociology N
Conflict and Health N
Third World Quarterly N
International Affairs N
International Relations  N
Security and Peace / Sicherheit und Frieden N
Security Studies N
Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology N
Ethnic and Racial Studies Y/N
Social Movement Studies N
Polish Political Science Review$002fppsr$002fppsr-overview.xml Y
Journal of Global South Studies N
Social Justice N
Ethics & Global Politics Y
Journal of Conflict Resolution N
African Journal of Political Science and International Relations Y
International Journal of Peace and Development Studies Y
Journal of Global Security Studies N
International Feminist Journal of Politics N
Medicine, Conflict and Survival N
International Journal of Transitional Justice N
Critical Studies on Security N
Journal of Political Power N
Asian Journal of Peacebuilding  Y
Global Journal of Peace Research and Praxis Y
Journal for Peace and Justice Studies N