The twentieth century was the most promising century for the eventual development of peace in the last eight thousand years. We are still deeply embedded in a very violent war system, that’s the old story, but now there’s a new story. (Kent Shifferd)

In contrast to the advocated and perceived military security offered by the prevailing the international system, the peace system provides greater justice, economic well-being and ecological security. The Global Peace System is not a static end-product of a peaceful world, but a dynamic, imperfect process of human evolution which leads to an increasingly nonviolent world with more equality. Large shifts have taken place in terms of global collaboration, constructive conflict resolution and social change. Numerous, undeniably demonstrable trends leading us toward the evolution of a Global Peace System are already evident.

Our mission is to advance the Global Peace System by supporting, developing and collaborating with peacebuilding efforts in all sectors of society.

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