War Prevention Initiative: “Need to disrupt the circle between hate and racism at home and wars abroad”

War Prevention Initiative: “Need to disrupt the circle between hate and racism at home and wars abroad”

For Immediate Release: August 14, 2017; Portland, OR

We condemn the violent manifestations and the spreading of hate and fear by white supremacist groups as we have seen in Charlottesville, Virginia. White supremacist groups and ideologies are dangerous and need to be confronted nonviolently at all levels. White supremacist ideologies and actions go against our core values of nonviolence, empathy, planetary loyalty and the moral imagination where we imagine people in a web of relationships and foster understanding of others as an opportunity rather than a threat.

Equating the actions by white supremacists to the many forms of social dissent is a false and dangerous equivalence which normalizes ideologies of white superiority and Western cultures. Such ideologies fuel direct violence as we have witnessed in Charlottesville and maintain systems of structural violence within the United States and at a global level. Those are systems maintaining ongoing and institutionalized deprivation of needs of survival, well-being, identity and freedom. Those systems are built into our social order and visible in the ongoing forms of racism, sexism, xenophobia and homophobia. Those systems maintain militarism and wars. Strengthening our efforts at growing a Global Peace System where nonviolent approaches toward constructive conflict transformation, social change and global collaboration are implemented is more important and timely than it has ever been.

At the War Prevention Initiative, we will continue working for a more just and peaceful world, mindful of the systems that need to be dismantled and advocating against hatred and violence.


The War Prevention Initiative informs and educates about viable alternatives to war and violence.

For further comment or questions, please contact Patrick Hiller, War Prevention Initiative’s Executive Director at patrick@jubitz.org or 503 505-5721.

About the Author
Patrick. T. Hiller, Ph.D., Hood River, OR, is the Executive Director of the War Prevention Initiative of the Jubitz Family Foundation. He is a Conflict Transformation scholar, professor, Vice-President of the International Peace Research Association Foundation and served on the Executive Committee of the Governing Council of the International Peace Research Association (2012-2016), and member of the Peace and Security Funders Group.
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